Plane Truth Juniors



When it comes to junior golf The Plane Truth’s approach is simple – We want a learning environment that is fun, competitive, and creates a love for the game. Our program runs from the beginning of February through the end of November. Players are permitted to join at anytime during the year. Whether you have a young player who is new to the game or one driven to become the next great PGA Tour player, we have designed a program that will bring out the best in them.

Coached by PGA Tour instructor Chris O’Connell, Aimpoint Green Reading expert Jake Sandusky, PGA, and former collegiate golfer Joe Brown, PGA, your junior will learn the latest advances in tour proven techniques that give them a distinct advantage over their competition.

3 Teams - 9 Skill Levels

Levels 1-3
Futures Teams

5-9 years old
$125 monthly
Wednesday-Friday 4:30-5:30
Saturday 12:00-1:00pm

This team is designed for a new player who is curious about golf and would like to find out if it is a sport they could enjoy. The focus of each practice is on fun, developing golf skills, learning golf rules and etiquette, general athleticism, and building team camaraderie . The juniors will play regularly on our fantastic six-hole par three and nine-hole golf courses preparing them for the next phase in their golfing careers.

Levels 4-6
Developmental Team

Ages 10 and up
$175 monthly
Tuesday-Thursday 4:30-5:45p
Saturday 11:00-12:00p
This team is designed for the moderately experienced or beginning  junior golfer interested in the game. A mixture of instruction, on-course play, and other sporting activities creates a fun and fast paced environment that kids are excited to return to.
Players on this team are encouraged to begin participating in NTPGA tournaments. These events will help them discover how interested they truly are in competitive golf and general improvement.

Levels 7-9
Elite Team

10 and up
$225 monthly
Tuesday-Thursday 5:30-6:45p
Saturday 10:00-11:00a
Monthly private instruction with PGA Tour Coach Chris O’Connell
On-course strategy sessions
Development of practice routines
Fitness routine and nutrition plan development (add on service)
This program is designed for the dedicated junior ready to reach their full potential. Players will learn proper practice routines, swing technique, approaches to fitness and nutrition, and course management skills necessary to compete at the High School, State and National levels. Much of the practice time for players on this team will be dedicated to playing golf and learning on the course. 

Much like the colored belt system in karate player’s progress through 9 levels by means of skills testing and evaluations in 3 areas:

·       Performance on course and in practice
·       Work ethic
·       Attitude
After completion of a level player’s earn a reward signifying their achievement. This system provides an incentive to improve, a feeling of accomplishment, and a clear understanding of what skills a player must master in order to reach the next level.