Watters Creek Junior Development Program

The Courses at Watters Creek Junior Golf Development Program


WCJDP is a year round golf education program that teaches and develops the necessary skills to play golf at a competitive level.  This program is designed to create a love for the game by developing athletes first and golf specific skills second.  Our players will be primed to compete in tournaments at the Middle, High School and Collegiate levels. 

This is a “staged” approach to teaching golf for children ages 6-14.  There are six (6) stages the Junior Golfer will progress through before entering the official Junior Golf Team.  All stages will incorporate Fundamental Movement Skills a.k.a FMS (running, jumping, skipping, etc.) as well as Fundamental Sport Skills (Golf Specific and Sport Specific). 

Description of Stages*:
STAGE I   Safety, Grip, Posture and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)
STAGE II Putting, Chipping and FMS
STAGE III  The Golf Swing and FMS
STAGE IV Chipping, Putting, Pitching with Accuracy and FMS
STAGE V Playing the game of Golf, Rules and FMS
STAGE VI  Preparing for competitive Golf or for recreational Golf & FMS
*Juniors must pass skills and FMS tests to advance to the next stages. 

COST:           $145/month
                      $20 One Time Registration Fee
  • Includes 8 one-half hour lessons per month (2 classes per week)
  • 1 additional play day per month (additional $15/per play day)

School Year Class Schedule: 

Monday & Wednesday                                                           Saturday & Sunday
Stage 1            4:30-5:00                                                         Stage 1            12:30-1:00
Stage 2            4:30-5:15                                                         Stage 2            2:00-2:45
Stage 3            5:15-6:00                                                         Stage 3            1:00-1:45
Stage 4            5:15-6:00                                                         Stage 4            2:45-3:30
Stage 5            6:00-6:45 (Wednesday's)                                 Stage 5            3:30-4:15
Summer Class Schedule:  

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
Stage 1            8:30am - 9:00am
Stage 2            10:00am - 10:45am
Stage 3            9:00am - 9:45am
Stage 4            10:45am - 11:30am
Stage 5            11:30am - 12:15pm

Contact Information

Judson McCormick                                         David Sherman, PGA
Director / Instructor                                        Certified Teaching Professional
Phone: 214-254-7380                                      Phone: 972-510-7072
Email: judmcc@yahoo.com                            Email: dshermanpga@me.com