The Courses at Watters Creek venue includes multiple courses appealing to a broad spectrum of golf skill levels. Our courses were recently updated and consist of The Traditions Course, The Futures Course and The Players Course.  Redesigned to be more accessible to all players, these courses are catered to your length of play and skill level which make for the perfect golf experience.

The Traditions Course
This stunning 18-hole course is great for just about any golfer at any skill level.

The Futures Course
The 6-hole short course (6-holes, Distance of holes between 40 and 100 yards)  is laid out for regular players to perfect their short games and for new players to ease into the game of golf with a nonthreatening, enjoyable experience.

The Players Course
The 9-hole course is perfect for the experienced golfer. The Players Course include 9-holes, Par 30.

Note:  All facilities are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.