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    Architect’s Vision

The Vision of the Weibring/Wolfard Design Team at The Courses at Watters Creek

Our vision was to design three (3) unique golf experiences for all levels of players and provide an outstanding environment to learn and practice all phases of the game with first class practice facilities. The Courses at Watters Creek was designed to have something for everyone. To come have fun and enjoy the game of golf!

We always try to protect the positive aspects of courses we renovate as we did with the new Courses at Watters Creek. The course will invite your eye into the refreshed property providing the ability to bounce the ball on the green on all of the three (3) courses while choosing the level of challenge to match your game with the variety of tees and angles of play. We were striving for a traditional clean look highlighted with the “white sand” bunker locations guiding you around the course. A big effort was made to prune and under-brush the tree lined fairway corridors to refresh the site along with the dredging and reshaping of the nine (9) lakes on the 250 acres.

“The course is much improved over the former layout. Course quality is dramatically improved–greens, tees and traps. Removal of underbrush and some trees give a more open feel. Course sequence is much more enjoyable than the previous design.”
-Jack Banks, Allen, TX

More testimonials:

I just played Watter’s Creek and I have to commend you on your work. Everything about the re-design was great!

All of the good aspects of the original course were preserved and improved and all of the problems with the course were changed for the better.

I love what you did with the old #1 (now #12). Thank you for getting rid of that sloping green. Plus the change to a par 4 allows the next hole to become a great par five.

Reversing the direction of the old # 10 (now #10 & #11) was brilliant. I can’t tell you how many balls I saw crash into those houses on the right. You virtually took the houses out of play on those two holes. Nice!

The 3 or 4 finishing holes are now very strong whereas before they were just quirky and unfair.

Even though the old # 13 (now #5??) is probably the most difficult hole on the course, I am glad you kept it pretty well unchanged. I always liked it just the way it was. It is nice to be challenged on that hole since some of the other holes no longer require quite as much precision. Great work!

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